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How much will a Home Inspection cost?

The cost of a Home Inspection today is not much higher than it was 20 years ago.

When compared to the cost of inflation, a Home Inspection today is actually several times less expensive than it ever has been.

The cost of each home inspection is determined by many factors and can range from less than One Hundred to several Thousands of dollars.

Do you think that's a lot of money for someone to walk around and tell me what's wrong with the home?

Here are a few things to consider about what a Home Inspector needs to do to earn the price of each Inspection...

  1. Take time to talk to each prospective client and answer their questions and get all of the client and home information
  2. Schedule the appointment
  3. Prepare the legal agreements
  4. Research the home listing and the area
  5. Acquire and review the Seller's Disclosure if possible
  6. Travel to the Inspection
  7. Perform the Inspection
  8. Review the Inspection with the client and answer any and all questions they may have
  9. Travel back to their office
  10. Compile all of the information gathered while they were at the home
  11. Research any issues that may be questionable
  12. Produce the report
  13. Deliver the report to the client
  14. Take time to answer any questions the client may have
  15. Take time to speak to contractors that have questions about the issues they have been hired to address

On an "Average" Inspection, the time the Inspector works can easily reach 16 hours or more!!!

Here are a few things to consider when checking the price of your home inspection.

  1. The Home Inspector or Home Inspection company you choose.
    • Their Experience
    • Their reporting style and format
    • Their pricing structure
  2. Each Home Inspector sets their own prices.  Many Home Inspectors determine their fees based on several factors
    • The size of the home (The bigger the home, the more time it takes to do the inspection)
    • The price of the home (The higher the cost, the larger the home)
    • The age of the home (The older the home, the more issues will typically be found)
    • How far they have to travel to the Inspection (The farther away, the more time they factor into the inspection)
    • Their availability (The more work they have, the higher prices they charge)
    • Day and Time of the Inspection (Evening and Weekend Inspections may be priced higher)
    • Hourly (The amount of time to get to the inspection, the time at the actual inspection, and the time to compile the information and produce the report)
  3. The market price for Home Inspections in the area.
    • What other Home Inspectors charge for similar services in the area.
    • Location: Rural areas will generally have a lower cost than urban areas.
  4. The number of ancillary services and inspections performed. Such as Radon, Termite, Mold, Lead, Septic, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, Etc. (See "Ancillary Services" for a more comprehensive list and descriptions)

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